The Past

Ian Joye attended the university at the age of 16 courtesy of a government scholarship. Ian was fortunate enough to win a number of Medals during the succeeding years that allowed him to purchase books he could otherwise not afford, that were invaluable to his studies.

After graduation he was placed in a precarious position. He had no money, no contacts and no forum to enunciate his views. Ian could not express his frustration, and were it not for an accident of medicine Ian would still be in the same position. He resolved that, if circumstances ever permitted, he would try to make a contribution back to society in order to say thank you.

In view of the above, the Ian Joye Medal came into existence. Maggie and Christopher Joye has already expanded the original concept to mathematics, and now law, and will carry the mantle for the family into the future.

The Joye family has made substantial donations to many public institutions, including the Opera House, NSW Art Gallery, and others. In addition, we have established scholarships for talented people at schools, an art foundation, and the Ian Joye Medals in various disciplines at Sydney University, which most of my children attended.

Over the years The Joye family have always:

  • abhorred blended funds and sought to reward a specific individual rather than an homogenised and pasturised group
  • wanted to reward meritocracy excluding any principles of equity whatsoever

We intend to expand these benevolent activities in rather novel fashions in the future.