The Future

The Medals will be narrowed in that they will not be awarded annually to the highest mark, rather distilled and refined so that only the best of the best are recipients.

Thus, we envisage the following:

  1. We would like the group to be based on meritocracy. Each member will add value to the other, and entry may only be gained by intellect, not money.
  2. In time, the group of recipients may represent the greatest distillation of intellect in the country. The possibilities are only limited by the imagination of the members.
  3. The majority of members of this society may, over the next decades, become the captains of industry, or the heads of their chosen calling. Thus, each year the group will become stronger and more powerful.
What is then proposed is that the alumni will meet at least annually, so that you can meet the new members, strengthen ties with older members, and exchange and expand on future ideas with a view to their implementation. Any constructive suggestions will be warmly welcomed as to the manner in which assistance can be granted to the recipients or society. The virtuous cycle will be in place, and can be continually replicated – It is the opposite of the prosaic and the pedestrian.

It will be a noetic fund – Delphic rather than the mundane – Pactolus rather than poverty.

Above all, a sense of fun, contribution to society and to people such as ourselves in the future – and everything I wished for when I was 21.