About The Medals

Since the Joye Prizes were established almost fifteen years ago the program has gained a prestigious reputation among the academic community and industry alike.

The Prizes’ revered stature has been instrumental in encouraging competition between many cohorts of exceptional Honours students across law medicine, finance, business and mathematics fields. The benefits bestowed upon winning students via financial support is important but inspiring scholars to be, and achieve more, is a unique and vital part of the Joye Prizes’ enduring success at the University of Sydney.

  1. The Ian Joye Medals will not be static. In fact, the medal, shield and cash components are really the very least of the attributes – they merely represent the past.
  2. The Ian Joye Medals will be expanded to cover other disciplines. Science and physics will probably be next. The number of universities will also be expanded.
  3. The Joye family intend to supply the forum, intellectual constructive criticism, and arrange funds to finance those well reasoned proposals. There will be no quantum restriction in terms of dollar value on the size of funds involved.
  4. In 2015 Maggie Joye conceived of an annual prize solely for women graduating from the Faculty of Medicine. Accordingly the Maggie Joye Prize in Medicine was established.

The Joye family are fortunate to have such outstanding mathematicians, lawyers and financiers, and the assistance of the family and the alumnae. The Joye family perceive that this combination will shortcut literally years from the implementation time of any proposal, and provide an incredibly fast track to reality.
The Joye family intend to create a mesh of uniquely talented people with a common aim of helping each other. There is no downside to this arrangement.